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Welcome to SIU Plant Pathology

Soybean and corn diseases cost Illinois producers in excess of $500 million in annual losses. This site has information on Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN), Root knot nematode, corn nematodes.  Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), Frogeye leaf spot, and other root and foliar diseases can also be found on this site. 

Sudden death syndrome commercial trial data for 2011 has been added. Click on this link to download the pdf of the SDS trial data.  

Southern root knot nematode (RKN) is very prevalent in infested fields because of the intense heat this season. Pictures of RKN symptoms from IL fields in 2011 can be found here.
Using resistant varieties is the best way to manage RKN, however there are very few resistant varieties in the maturity groups grown in IL.  Over 500 commercial varieties are screened each year in IL. The results of the 2010 evaluations can be found in this PDF or Excel file.